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4 June 2021 - 11 June 2021
Match2Pack: Cosmetics

Match2Pack: Cosmetics

Matchmaking: 4-11. June 2021
Expert Talk: 10. June 2021

What does the future of cosmetic product packaging look like?

We invite you to the virtual networking event with exciting insights and valuable contacts, where we bring people together to talk about recycled material in packaging of cosmetics products we use every day - and to find solutions that make them more sustainable and innovative.

With the "European Packaging Talk - How does the future cosmetic packaging look like", the NRW.Europa team of ZENIT GmbH is organizing an international networking event as part of Startup Week Düsseldorf 2021. The occasion for the event is, among other things, Packaging Day on June 10. Planned are expert presentations, an expert discussion as well as matchmaking with players from the packaging and cosmetics industry.

The event is aimed at startups, SMEs, corporates, research institutions and other participants in the industry who are looking for or offering innovative solutions. The aim of the event is to bring together various players in the industry to exchange information about current challenges, developments, trends and approaches to solutions, and to initiate possible collaborations.

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